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The H.-Harthandelsinstituut and H.-Hartcollege are secondary schools (age bracket 12-18).  Although we are a Catholic (private) school community we are fully subsidised by the the Flemish Education Department. Since we are Catholic schools, our programmes are based upon and framed within Christian values.

The H.-Hartcollege is a secondary school (about 1000 students) offering a general programme and preparing students for further education in high schools or universities. The H.-Harthandelsinstituut is a commercial school (about 450 students) focusing on modern languages combined with commerce, mathematics, economics, accountancy and computer science.


Our school community was founded as an all boys’ school in 1929, but since 1995 we have also welcomed female students. Now we have about 30 percent girls in our school.

There are about 150 teachers, an administrative staff of about 6 people, 15 supervisors and 4 heads (3 headmasters and 1 deputy headmaster). We also have a boarding-school with about 100 pupils.  All rooms are furnished and  have access to the school network and to the internet.


A qualified cook and his staff provide meals not just for boarding students.  Also day students and teachers can have lunch.  The students’ restaurant is a self-service restaurant.  Meals include soup, a main dish and a dessert.    Although we don’t have a Michelin star, we can safely say that the standards are very high.

Lessons are given from Monday till Friday (starting at 8.25 a.m., ending at 4 or 4.50 p.m.). After lessons many pupils study at school in study halls until 6.30 p.m.  To students and teachers from abroad these study halls may seem conservative and outdated.  However, from the age of 15 students can choose whether they home or study in the school and most of them want to stay in the study hall.  The supervisors coach the students and In this respect they are cornerstones of the school.

Heilig-Hartcollege7 On Wednesday afternoon there are no lessons but then we offer sports and cultural activities. All sorts of school trips  are organized by different groups of students and teachers. Workshops include a wide range of subjects such as music, theatre performances, film, photography,  exhibitions, environment, amnesty international etc. In this way students are offered full scope to develop their talents and broaden their horizons.

Also, for almost 15 years now we have successful­ly organised exchanges.  We have worked together with schools all over Europe.  In the future we’d like to set up other exchanges.  We believe that our students benefit from these projects in terms of language acquisition and personal development, making them more mature and more valuable for the community, whether that is a small town such as Waregem or all of Belgium, Europe and the world as a whole.

That’s why our school motto is: ‘Putting our heart into it!



Contact person: Mr Lieven Vuylsteke

Adres: Stationsstraat 85 - 8790 Waregem BELGIUM

Phone: 0032-56-60 17 07

Fax: 0032-56-60 86 88

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Web: http://www.collegewaregem.be/


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